Forum Title: Help - Sewage smell coming from kitchen sink during showers
Hello, I have a kitchen and bathroom that shares plumbing/drains from a common wall. Every few weeks, my tenant has complained of a sewage smell that seeps out of the kitchen sink when someone is showering in the adjacent room. There is no odor seeping into the bathroom. The kitchen odor appears first thing in the morning or the evenings. I've checked (and done) the following things to troubleshoot but cannot seem to get rid of the issue. 1) Check and snaked vent pipe along connecting wall - all is clear 2) Kitchen P-trap is clear and working as expected. I see water being trapped (using a clear p-trap connector) to keep the sewage odors from the main drain. I also cleaned out all the piping underneath the sink. 3) Bathroom P-trap is clear and working as expected. Anyone have ideas of what is causing the smell? I'm ready to call a plumber but would like to understand what the issue might be before hiring one. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Kevin
Category: Plumber Post By: DIANE TORRES (Burlington, NC), 04/07/2016

Sewer odors can be difficult to locate even when I am actually in the room. Something an experienced eye might see that you don't. Is the piping all original are is something added in to an existing system and hidden in the walls. Is the drains and vent really old like cast iron. Can you draw a simple sketch of how you think it might be plumbed?

- TROY JENSEN (San Antonio, TX), 09/04/2017

No garbage disposal in this mix. I took apart and cleaned all the inside of all piping leading up to the p-trap. Here's a pix

- ROSA CHAPMAN (Garland, TX), 10/03/2017

Is there a garbage disposal in the mix? If you can post a picture of the pipes under the sink, it might help to identify the issue. A P-Trap with water in it indicates it is not coming from the kitchen sink btw, unless the water is backing up into the sink somehow.

- MILTON MALDONADO (Youngstown, OH), 10/08/2017

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